Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re stumped for ideas, Jewellery By Design is here to help you. Long ago, your only gift giving options for Father’s Day was a watch or a new lurer to add to the fishing collection. Now, men have embraced the variety of jewellery on offer for males, catering to every style. If your Dad is like most, they probably won’t give off any hints as to what they would like and to avoid gifting another chocolate bag for the third year in a row, follow our guide for some present hints.

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A man can never have too many good quality watches. One for work and one for play is ideal, and if your father’s watch is as old as you and seems to be on its last leg, it may be time to look into a new timepiece. Adina Watches has a wide collection that are built to endure the outback’s harsh conditions, so if he is a man of the land, workshop, or office, these are sure to do the trick. Browse through our small selected gallery of watches for designs that your dad would love. Optional engravement of a special message also leaves a mark that he will cherish forever.


A quality pen is a great way to say you mean business. No matter their profession, your father is bound to need a pen that won’t fail them in times of need. A stainless steel or gold pen will be an essential accessory on your father’s desk, pocket or diary planner. Once again, have a special message engraved, so you’ll never be far from his mind. JBD offers a classic range of writing instruments including the Hugo Boss brand.

Cufflinks & Tie Clips

Make your father ready for any business or formal occasion with a new set of cufflinks and a tie clip to match. He will be the sharpest dressed male in the room, and will be showcasing his trendy side with a unique design. Whether it be novelty, simple yet elegant, or showcasing the latest trends, cufflinks are a great gift for the man who has everything. If you are looking for a special heartfelt addition to your present, have a special message engraved and he will remember you every time he wears them.

Chains & bracelets

If your dad is a jewellery wearer, chains and bracelets are a great gift. It depends on their style, but there is always a range to suit everyone. If you’ve got a little more time up your sleeve before gift-giving, have your family crest made to include as a pendant and radiate family pride whenever he wears it.

Dress Ring

Rings are a special gift for your father. Some say extravagant rings exudes authority, while simpler bands are a staple for every day. Once again, have it engraved with a special message for a heartfelt touch and you’ll be remembered as the most thoughtful child when the time comes for favours…

So, no matter the present you are planning on giving this Father’s Day, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate and love them. And spoil them with some jewellery that they’ll be sure to love and last a lifetime! Happy Father’s Day to all the JBD dads out there.

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Diamond Cuts Explained

Choosing the perfect diamond is a very personal matter. In many cases, it is going to be a permanent accessory on many ring fingers for a lifetime. It symbolises love and should rightly so be picked wisely. Each and every cut offers unique features and believe it or not, are designed to suit certain hand and personality types. Here is our pick of the 10 most popular diamond cuts, just in case you need another way to hint your favourite cut to your other-half.


Round Brilliant


A round cut diamond is the most common shape of all. It is a classic style that suits many settings, but its popularity also stems from its ability to reflect a higher degree of light, making it sparkle more than most. You’ll never be limited for design options when it comes to round diamonds.



PRINCESSThe princess cut diamond is crafted into a square or rectangle shape. It only became a fixture in the jewellery scene during the 1980s, but has become one of the most popular during this short time.



OVALThe oval shape diamond has long been a favourite to accentuate long, slender fingers. It is a variation of the round cut and has similar characteristics when reflecting light. Due to its elongated shape, the oval cut also appears larger to the eye. As a rarer cut, you must pay particular attention to the length to width ratio and ensure the cut suits your hand shape.



MARQUISEThe marquise diamond is a hybrid of both the round brilliant and pear shapes. It is pointed on both ends and shares a striking resemblance with a football. Similar to the oval cut, the marquise diamond presents as larger due to the elongated shape. As the marquise is a rarer shape, this diamond cut offers a unique touch to any engagement setting.


Pear Shaped

PEARResembling a teardrop, the pear shaped diamond is popular among people with smaller than average fingers. The diamond cut is unique in its own right and therefore often is accompanied by a halo setting. The shape also creates a subtle slimming effect to fingers.



CUSHIONThe cushion cut was designed to increase brilliance and highlight clarity. It is cut with larger facets and resembles the shape of a pillow. The vintage allure of the cut is a reason it has been so popular for the last 200 years. Becoming less common in current times means that the cushion cut will give an antique impression to your engagement ring.



EMERALDCreate a Great Gatsby flapper allure to your diamond with an emerald cut. Although it wasn’t standardised until the 1940s, it shares similar characteristics with the step cut which was one of the first diamond shapes created. The clean lines are complemented by the rectangular facets on the bottom, exposing larger flashes of brilliance.



ASSCHERThe Asscher square cut was introduced by the Asscher Brothers in 1902. It boasts a stepped square cut with similar characteristics to the emerald diamond shape. Being labelled as a rare cut has made the Asscher surge in popularity, however, is still not common on the market. The step style feature of the Asscher cut also draws the eye to the middle of the diamond and resembling an endless hallway with reflective mirrors.



RADIANTThe radiant cut morphs the emerald and round brilliant shapes together. It is broader in size and lengthens slender fingers when set in an engagement ring. Only new in popularity, the radiant cut became mainstream in the 1980s, but is here to stay.


Heart Shaped

HEARTA modification to the round brilliant cut, the heart shaped diamond appears exactly how you would imagine. It is a symbol of eternal love, but can be difficult to cut perfectly. The skills of the jeweller are important to truly capture the beauty of the shape and is set apart from more classical styles.



No matter yours or your partner’s preferences, there is a variety of diamond cuts to symbolise your eternal love for one another. Speak with your jeweller to help choose the perfect cut diamond to suit your tastes. Now that you’ve selected your perfect shape, It’s time to choose a setting and make your diamond dreams a reality.

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Celebrating Another Year

Birthday celebrations are in order as our team prepare for yet another successful year in business! If you were unable to attend our 10th birthday celebrations last year, we want to take this opportunity to share our story from the past decade.

JBD was established in 2006, with our team aspiring to provide customers with quality jewellery and expertly crafted designs by our on-site jewellers. JBD represents quality, affordable luxury, and exceptional customer service. Since inception, our focus on affordable luxury has established our reputation as a reliable local jeweller in the North Queensland region. JBD is recognised as an industry leader nationwide.

The loyalty of our customers and dedicated staff have allowed our brand to survive in such a competitive industry, with countless journeys of love being captured through JBD’s jewellery. From engagement rings, to wedding rings, our award-winning on-site jewellers have been there every step of the way, ensuring customer satisfaction and a finished product that rivals no other in excellence and uniqueness.

sampleRingNot only have we been awarded ‘Jeweller of the Year’ in the JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards 2012/13, our jewellers have surprised the industry multiple times with their award winning custom jewellery pieces. A memorable piece was the ‘Undulation’ bangle which featured over 1200 diamonds and received the Craftmanship Award at Hong Kong’s International Jewellery Show. Competition was fierce and attracted 187 entries from 28 countries.

We understand the importance of designing lifelong jewellery pieces, and our team do not compromise on excellence. Each love story is different, and we have had the delight in taking part of so many unique journeys.

If you are in search of something exquisite our wide selection of high quality brands will not disappoint.  If you prefer a little something more unique on the other hand, come and chat to our jewellers and they will create that special piece for you.

So come in to JBD and celebrate this special occasion with us. We look forward to helping you soon.

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