“Discover the ultimate collection of diamonds where perfection has been defined.”

The JBD Diamond Centre is dedicated to bringing the very best in diamonds to Townsville.

Our in-store diamond graders select all of the diamonds in our JBD Signature Collection, ensuring some of the world’s best cut diamonds are available for our customers, at the best price.

We source loose diamonds and jewellery from the diamond capital of the world – Antwerp, Belgium. As an official “ADB” Broker, JBD is the exclusive Townsville stockist of the world’s leading diamond brand, Tolkowsky. We are also the exclusive Townsville stockist of the Australian Chocolate Diamond range and the Pink Kimberley Australia Collection.

As a broker, we deal directly with the world’s largest diamond merchants and sort through thousands of loose diamonds to find the best cut, colour and clarity for our customers.

Visit our Diamond Centre and browse our exquisite diamond jewellery collections or select your perfect diamond and have it set in a custom-made design.

Jewellery By Design – helping you create life’s special memories.

“Shop with confidence at Jewellery by Design”

Once you have selected your perfect diamond, we will provide you with certification which serves as proof that the stone has been independently and professionally certified.

We take pride in the fact that our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict free, based on our personal knowledge and/or a written guarantee provided by the suppliers.

Jewellery by Design – helping you create life’s special memories.

“No two diamonds are ever the same”

At JBD we source and hand select the majority of our diamonds from one of Australia’s largest diamond merchants, one of only 86 De Beers Sightholders in the world.

De Beers is the world’s leading diamond company and has been a leader in diamond exploration since 1888. De Beers only sells its diamonds through Sightholder customers (limited number worldwide) and through auction.

Being a De Beers Sightholder means that diamonds sourced are conflict free, as part of the Kimberley Process.   Therefore you can be assured of not only the quality of your diamond, but in the ethical mining and sourcing process.

Our diamond merchant has bases in Brisbane, Antwerp, Mumbai, New York and Hong Kong.

Jewellery by Design – helping you create life’s special memories.


In 2013 Jewellery By Design launched the Chocolate Diamond Collection and now stock this range exclusively in Townsville at our Castletown store. We are also the exclusive stockists of the Pink Kimberley Australia Collection. Both ranges are from the Australian Argyle Mine in Western Australia. We also have access to a range of other coloured diamonds from our diamond merchants.

Visit us to view our impressive range of coloured diamonds and talk to our award-winning jewellers about creating a unique piece.

Jewellery by Design – helping you create life’s special memories.