Boost Your Brilliance

“Welcome to our exclusive Diamond Upgrade Program”

Most of our diamonds are purchased to mark a special occasion – a celebration or a milestone, something to be enjoyed and remembered forever. Investing in a diamond is an important decision and at JBD, you can do so secure in the knowledge of a quality, *ethically sourced, certified stone.

When you invest in a diamond at JBD we hold a standing offer, inviting you to trade up your diamond, at any time you please. You can trade as often as you like.

The Diamond Upgrade Program:

Diamonds purchased from JBD do not lose their value. We offer a unique opportunity to customers who wish to upgrade the size of their diamonds and are always happy to buy back our beautiful diamonds to allow you to upgrade (conditions apply). You can apply 105% of the purchase price of the diamond component  of your piece towards the price of a larger stone from our diamond inventory.

How the Program Works:

When you are ready to upgrade your diamond purchased from us, our diamond experts will evaluate your stone to verify its condition. If your diamond qualifies, you may apply 105% of its original purchase price toward the purchase of a new diamond that is at least 50% greater in size and of the same or better cut, colour and clarity. To qualify for the Upgrade Program, a diamond must meet the following criteria:

  • Standard shape (round, princess, oval, emerald, asscher, marquise, radiant, heart or cushion)
  • At least 1/4 carat single stone weight
  • D to H colour
  • IF to S1 clarity
  • Clarity-enhanced diamonds are not eligible

The Offer:

To take advantage of this program, your diamond must be in its original condition with the original diamond certificate and/or purchase receipt. Any damage to the original diamond may disqualify the diamond from our upgrade program. Following evaluation, our diamond experts will quote to supply you with your beautiful new diamond. Your diamond upgrade will be at least 50% larger than the gem we are buying back from you. You will be quoted for your new diamond less 105% of the purchase price of your original stone.

Example: If you purchased a quarter carat diamond from us for $2,995, we would buy this back for $3,145. This amount can be credited towards the purchase of a new diamond, 0.38ct or larger. The credit value will be based solely on the value of the diamond submitted for upgrade.

Alterations to your existing jewellery to accommodate the larger gemstone will be included in your quotation. In the event that your diamond upgrade is a finished piece of jewellery, then 105% of the purchase price of your original diamond will be deducted from the price of this item.

Call our diamond specialists at JBD to discuss this exclusive offer.

*We take pride in the fact that our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict free, based on our personal knowledge and/or a written guarantee provided by the suppliers.

Please note: Damaged diamond certificates may incur a replacement fee. We reserve the right to decline any diamond under consideration for upgrade.